We believe that learning and empowering creativity can be integrated into a single process. During our 3D-Printing and Design Workshops students benefit from a unique curriculum that allows them to learn critical STEM skills while boosting their creative potential by envisioning and realizing their own design projects. In addition, our students connect with other young designers locally and around the world by participating in a collaborative network of innovators who share knowledge and help each other.


From patients to

3D innovators

This unique educational program allows patients

to create and share their own 3D projects while learning science

and technology, transforming their hospital stay into an enriching experience.    Read article (Right click to translate)




envision your own 3D projects        

We teach young students to use 3D modeling software in order to envision and develop their own design projects.


Our instructors use a creativity-based teaching method based on a “dialectic curve” that involves student designers going back and forth many times to refine their designs. Students may go through several iterations of a design until they get the desired result – a dynamic process that helps them understand that what they thought were “mistakes” can often lead to even better ideas!


turn your ideas into tangible objects            

MakerLinks students learn how 3D printing works and how to apply this innovative technology to their own projects.


Once their designs are complete, students experience the wonderful process of 3D printing,, watching their ideas transformed into tangible objects. 3D printing technology has been referred to as the “second industrial revolution.” It has already dramatically impacted several industries and continues to generate many professions in new industries that are likely to dominate tomorrow’s working world.  

National Children's Hospital - DC

National Children's Hospital - DC

Horace Mann School, DC

Horace Mann School, DC



3D Model

3D Model

3D Print

3D Print



with young innovators worldwide      

MakerLinks connects and creates communities of young innovators worldwide through collaborative design and 3D printing projects.


Our students become part of design teams that work on cloud-based design projects, and we work with schools, hospitals, libraries, and other community institutions across the globe that are part of our unique children-empowering network.  



To create a global network of young innovators who will be able to positively impact their communities and societies.


MakerLinks offers 3D Printing and Design Workshops on a variety of topics ranging from 3D artwork to sustainable architecture, toy, and vehicle designs, among others. The content of the workshops has been developed by teachers, mathematicians, designers and artists who have incorporated STEM standards into the curricula and employ a dynamic teaching process that helps children learn while having fun.


Each grade-level project comes equipped with a series of academically leveled STEM standards.


The design process is a methodical series of steps that are utilized in a wide variety of creative disciplines. The process is highly iterative - parts of the process often need to be repeated many times before they can be entered. We use an age appropriate version of the design process as the basis for our curricular approach. As students work through this process they use STEM standards as parameters much in the same way that professional design teams use parameters given to them by their clients according to project requirements




As one of our philanthropic goals, MakerLinks donates 3D printed copies of our students’ designs to children in underserved communities who lack the kind of educational entertainment that can stimulate their creativity.  In addition, we teach those children how to design their own 3D printing projects by running on-site and on-line workshops. .




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